Randy Perez's El Rusto Natural

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1963 Dodge D200 Truck Project

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El Rusto Natural
Ramon Coria's 37 Ford Roadster - Venom
Ramon Coria's 37 Ford Roadster - Venom
Merianne Pharr's 1955 Plymouth BA/GT Wagon


Merianne Pharr's 1955 Plymouth BA/GT

Merianne Pharr's 1955 Plymouth BA/GT Wagon

Home - Big Poppa 54

I've had a love for Hot Rods most of my life, but as you go through some of the challenges of everyday life, things like Hot Rods get put on the back  burner sometimes for 30-40 years.  Then in the late 90's I started going to the Good Guys car shows and after 3-4 years my passion for hot rods  came back to the front burner.

In 2004 I decided to build a cruiser and my main objective was to have a reliable good looking car that I would be proud to display at car shows and also be able to cruise up and down the West Coast.  My 1954 Big Poppa Buick pictured above is the results of a 4 year project between 2004 and 2008 that helped me pursue my passion for everything Hot Rod related.

Please look around my website and if you have friends or family members that have thought about building a car, point them to www.bigpoppa54.com or have them to send me a message at  dpharr@pharrside.com  

I hope you enjoy looking around BigPoppa54

Dave "Big Poppa" Pharr

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The bigpoppa54 website was launched on March 1, 2014 without any promotions or marketing.  In July 2014 we  migrated to a new platform with more pictures and content examples of which are listed below:

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We will be adding more content and pictures in the coming months along with connections to Facebook and Twitter.  Our thanks to all our Hot Rod friends and others for your support and feedback over the past 39 months.