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Editor/Publisher Hot Cars Magazine

To This in four years!

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​Dave “Big Poppa” Pharr spent 28 years working for Xerox in several different management roles and then in 2000 I left Xerox and joined a start up named Documentum.  About 4 years later Documentum was acquired by EMC Corporation.  After the EMC acquisition I spent another 8 years with EMC and retired in January 2012.  During the last 4 years working at EMC is when I had my Buick Built.  

Often times I was asked if “I” built the Buick and my response is always “No, I just wrote all the checks”.  In the five years since the Buick was finished we have won over 40 awards e.g. Best of Show, Best Paint, Best Custom, Best Interior, 2010 Street Rodder Top 100, and the George Barris Custom de Elegance award just to name a few.   I’m passionate about hot rods and always looking for something different and unique.  In August of 2015 I finished building, for my wife, Merianne, a 1955 Plymouth Plaza 2 Door Wagon in our garage, with a little more hands on than the Buick now that I'm retired and just Loafing around. In this world of Hot Rods many have helped me through the process during my Buick and Plymouth project builds and this website is an attempt to help others as I've been helped.  If this website can help 5 or 10 people navigate through the process and successfully complete a project build that would make me very happy.

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