1955 Plymouth BA/GT Sponsors

When I was building the Buick between 2004 and 2008, the thought of sponsors never entered my mind because it had been 40+ years since I last built a hot rod. When I needed money for new parts for the Buick I would encourage my managed partners to sell more software, and the problem was solved.  I've been retired for two years and now on a fixed income, so I don't have the luxury of selling more software. 


I really did not decide to pursue any sponsors until we were about 18 months into this wagon project.  When I worked for EMC Software managing Global Systems Integrators, one of my major challenges each year was to sell 5-10 sponsorships to my group of managed partners and the price of those sponsorship's ranged between $10-100 K.  Last year I said to my Self, "Self you sold software sponsorships for 12 years and a sponsorship for a hot rod is no different, its all about packaging and presentation".  So I decided to seek out a few sponsors and the response from everyone has been very positive. The company logos on this page represent those companies that have provided a full or partial sponsorship for their products and or services. Merianne and I are ever so grateful for the following committed sponsors that support our vision for our Plymouth BA-GT Project.