Big Poppa 54 Blog

Content for this Blog will start during the summer months. Also we plan to periodically have Guest Bloggers, SME's in a specific area of Hot Rodding to cover various hot rod topics.

What is a Triple DDD Cruise?  
If you've ever watched Diners Drive-Ins & Dives on the Food Network, Guy Fieri takes his viewers to some very unique eating spots across the USA.  Some of those spots are located in Napa & Sonoma counties and various cities around the bay area.  So about every 4-6 weeks I will select one of these eating spots and usually we have 5 and not more than 10 couples to cruise to a restaurant, have brunch, and do some shopping, if shopping is available nearby.

Typically I try to plan these cruises to be 60-75 minutes and the lunch/brunch last about 1.5-2.0 hours.  The plan is to schedule 2-3 Triple DDD Cruises between Aug and Oct 2017.   The dates will be announced in Mid July

The Triple DDD Cruise has no car club affiliation, its just a group of hot rod enthusiasts that enjoy a nice cruise, good food, and a chance to just hang out with other Hot Rodders.

Hot Cars Magazine
Hot Cars Magazine a featured article on the Big Poppa Buick in their December 2013 Issue, and there is an article on our 55 Plymouth BA/GT wagon in the winter 2016 #24 edition   My thanks to Roy Sorenson, Editor, Publisher and Photographer for Hot Cars Magazine for the great pictures of our Buick which we used for our website logo.