Mo Vincent's 1949 Cadillac.

Art Swenson's 1967 Oldsmobile 442.

Thomas Schwartz's Plymouth Barracuda

Rick Early's Truck Interior, CA

Lloyd Langue's 64 Impala Drop Top, Compton, CA

Boss Perryman's '56 Ford F100 Big Window, Inglewood, CA

Dennis Carolina's '37 Buick, Los Angeles, CA  R.I.P. - SOLD

Bill & Wanda Henly's '59 Chevy El Camino, Morgan Hill, CA

There are 3 other Anteros in the US, all made of fiberglass

Rick Early's '56 Chevy Short Bed Truck, Los Angeles, CA

Corvette Chassis with a Super Charged LS2

Roy Sorenson's 2003 Monte Carlo LTD Edition, Castro Valley, CA

Roy Sorenson's 1930 Ford Model A (B.O.B), Castro Valley, CA

Charlie MacNally's 1955 Chevy, San Francisco Bay Area

Bob Titterington's 1955 Buick, Anaheim, CA

Jack & Jennifer Shomberg's 1937 Ford Slant back, Sunnyvale CA

Randy & Daphne Thompson's '57 Chevy, Castro Valley, CA

Ted Contestable's 1936 Ford Pickup, Los Gatos, CA

Rich & Marianne Eichenbaum's 1957 Lincoln, Gilroy, CA

Clarence & Des Dobbs's 1954 Ford F-100, Hayward, CA -SOLD

Buzz & Peggy Zannassi's 1955 Ford F-100, FOR SALE

Bill & Linda Lahmann 1949 Plymouth, Salem, OR 

Chuck & Rhoda Wolfskehl's '46 Ford Club Coupe, San Jose, CA

Mike Dwight's 1946 Ford Club Coup, Gilroy, CA

Gene & Judy Darab's 1941 Dodge Sedan Delivery, FOR SALE

Barry Goldine's 1969 Camaro RS Pro Touring, San Jose, CA

Otis Stevenson 1948 Ford 2-door Foose Custom, SOLD

Chet Lazzarino's '64 Cadillac Sedan Deville, San Jose, CA

Chet Fulton's 1951 Mercury, San Jose, CA

Lee & Jim Goodman 1946 Ford Club Coupe, San Jose, CA

Jim & Judy Jensen's 1955 Oldsmobile Rock-It 88, Santa Clara, CA

Kevin & Susan Turner's 1957 Chevy Bel Air, San Jose, CA

John Beard's 1941 Chevy Sedan, Modesto, CA

Herman Armstrong's 1956 Ford Panel Truck, Carson, CA

Maryann & Jerry Corbari's 1953 Chevy, Santa Clara CA

Mike & Jamie Pulido's 1941 Willys, Discovery Bay, CA

Dave Hill's 1947 Ford Sedan Delivery, Pueblo, CO

Dave Hill's 1947 Ford Sedan Delivery, Pueblo, CO

Bill & Linda Lahmann 1949 Plymouth, Salem, OR 

Ramon Coria's 1937 Ford Roadster "Venom"

​Big Poppa Buddies

Russ & Kathy Hundemer's '50 Plymouth Wagon, Scotts Valley, CA

Roger Hector's 1 of a kind Carbon Fiber Anteros, San Jose, CA

Judy & Marvin Beard's 1937 Chevy Coupe, Modesto, CA

Don & "Sandy" Petree's 1934 Chevy Sedan, San Jose, CA

 "Don" Petree's 1934 Chevy Sedan Delivery, R.I.P.

Jerry & "Margaret" Gradia's 1956 Chevrolet 210, San Jose, CA

Margaret & "Jerry" Gradia's 1934 Chevrolet Coach San Jose, CA

Tony Santos's 1930 Buick, Alviso, CA

Tony & Diane Sottile's 1941 Cadillac Coupe, S.F. Bay Area

Janis & Jim Sabbatini's 1939 Chevy 2-Door Sedan, San Jose, CA

Roger Schaaf's 1956 Chrysler 300B, Milpitas, CA

Al & Pattie Traille's 1932 Ford Roadster, San Leandro, CA

Ramon & Liz Coria's 1957 Chevy, Milpitas, CA

Tim Lies, 1956 Ford Wagon, Glen Ellyn, IL

Louise & Frank Lesdesma's 1948 Buick, Hollister, CA

Cindy & George Grunbaum's 1941 Chevy, San Jose, CA

Cindy & George Grunbaum's '64 Studebaker Avanti, San Jose, CA

Susie & Bob Oliver's 1956 Ford Panel Truck, Concord, CA

Robin & Don Pyle's '41 Modified Willys, Lebanon, OR

Roger & Danice Mahugh's '35 Ford Cabriolet, San Jose  CA

Robin & Don Pyle's '41 Modified Willys, Lebanon, OR

Charles & Brenda Hodge's '56 Long Bed, Compton, CA

Bob & Tina Ruettgers 1960 Ford F100.

Merianne's 1955 Plymouth BA/GT Wagon

Scott's 1960 Chevy Impala, Malibu

Ceals Howard's '47 Ford Coup Compton, CA

Ramon Coria's ColorPros '40 Ford Work Truck, serving the greater S.F Bay Area; "Commercial & Residential Painting"

Brian & Linda Reddick's 1949 Chevy Coup, Newark, CA

Mario "Butch" Pasqua's 1941 Studebaker, Modesto, CA

Rose Marie Carver's 1940 Plymouth, Campbell, CA

Carole & Jerry Emmon's 1955 Chevy B210 Sedan, FOR SALE

Gary Rodebush's 1955 Chevy Bel Air Nomad, SOLD!