Trust me I have nothing against Fords and Chevy's, many of my buddies drive Ford & Chevy Hot Rods.  These are just a few examples of hot rod project Cars & Trucks a person can build that's not a Chevy or Ford.  The key is to think out of the book with any project; with the right color combination, wheels/tires, and new or custom interior there is no limit to what can be down to some of these old cars and barn finds.

If you really want to be different you should check out some of the old International Harvester Metro Vans, DIVCO Deliver and Milk Trucks, and Dodge Route Vans, they make great Hot Rods and Rat Rods, and because of their rarity they are commanding higher resale prices if done up right.

International Harvester Metro Vans

Below are a few concept cars and one off production vehicles.

Dodge Route Vans

DIVCO Delivery Trucks                                                                             DIVCO Delivery Trucks

DIVCO Milk Trucks                                                                                       DIVCO Delivery Trucks

The Dodge Sweptline barn finds below are considered by some as the ugly duckling of trucks between 1960 and 1964.  The comment I heard recently was that it looks like they ran into a wall.  However today's Hot Rodders are flocking to these ugly ducklings as alternatives to the ever popular Ford and Chevy trucks.

The 1939-41 Studebaker's were cool cars in their own right, but they did not become cool hot rods until the late 70's and 80's

During the 1960's AMC was a nice brand but most people thought of it as your father's or grandfather's kind of car. However this 1965 AMC Marlin barn find can make a real nice cruiser with the right touches.

The1956 Dodge Barn find below can be rebuilt to the original stock condition or by adding some modern custom wheels and modifying the suspension you will have a real nice street cruiser.

Chrysler 300 Heritage Sports Wagon

The mating of the classic first year 300 front styling, with an updated Magnum/300 Touring body style.   This obviously never made it to production

Volga RS Concept                                                                                    Russian Beast - Designer Unkown

Kotoff Michael is a industrial and graphics designer- he designed the Volga RS Concept which could be the first Russian Super Car.  Kotoff also designed the Victory Restyle Concept which is a modern restyling of an old Russian car.  For more details and pictures check out Kotoff's blog;!/2011/04/victory-restyle-concept-3d-model.html

Victory Restyle Concept

Holden EFIJY:  This a one of a kind concept car that was built in 2005 by a group of Engineers from the Holden Division of General Motors down in Australia.  Inspite of numereous request to make it a production car this is the one of its kind in the world.  For a car that is 9 years old, it still looks Timeless.  For more details on this georgeous car just do a Google search for Holden EFIJY

At the bottom of this page are several concepts and one of a kind projects, keep scrolling and you can't miss them.

The Dodge Sweptline above recently (Q4/2013) sold for $13,500 on eBay with 11 active bidders. Don't let the patina finish fool you, it has a late model V-8 engine and transmission and I gotta believe it has air bags sitting that low.

When it comes to trucks, these old 1949-1952 Studebaker trucks can go toe-to-toe with the 50's era of Fords and Chevy trucks. The only drawback I can think of is big guys might have a problem fitting in them.

If you like the look of the 1949 -1952 Chevy but want to be different, consider the 1949-1951 Oldsmobile Holiday because they will turn heads if you do the right things to it.

Below are just a few examples of potential project cars other than the usual Chevys and Fords.

The Plymouth wagons from 1949 to 1952 were great for family transportation, but today most people would not think of this wagon as a hot rod project. This wagon can be built to stock, or to a mild or radical custom cruiser.

Project ideas

There are a lot of project options e.g., coupes, hard tops and convertibles; pickups (long beds and short beds) wagons and suburbans and oh yes Rat Rods.  The most popular models are Fords and Chevy's but there are a lot of other exciting models e.g., Buick, Cadillac, Chrysler, Cord, Dodge, Desoto, Graham, Hudson, Lincoln, LaSalle, Mercury, Oldsmobile, Plymouth, Pontiac, Rambler, Studebaker, Willys, and many more.

Some things to remember as you decide on your project car;

  1. It’s fairly easy to find Ford and Chevy car and truck project cars, plus there are a number of companies that fabricate body and floor parts for many old Ford and Chevy cars and trucks.
  2. With some effort you can find other brands for good project cars but the cost to build them will be more expensive because of the limited supply of project cars and after market body and floor parts.
  3. There are several companies that provide New Old Stock (NOS) parts for many of these old cars in addition to Fords and Chevy's. 
  4. Try to locate a parts catalog, shop manual or parts locator for your project car, all of which will come in handy when trying to find parts for your car. 
  5. Once you have your project car take pictures.  It’s good to have before and after pictures of the car.  Considering the car may be taken completely apart during your project its good to take some close ups of the body and interior and the way a piece of chrome or stainless fits.  When the time comes to put the car back together the pictures can be a real help.

N2A Motors is the builder of the 789: 

The "789" represents a styling hybrid of a 1957, 1958, and 1959 Chevrolet. The front end is designed from '57, the side styling is from a '58, and the rear is '59 Chevrolet styling. The body is fused with a Corvette C6 chassis to create the car represented below. For more details do a Google search for 789 Chevy