There are 6 pages in the Project section

  1. Project Ideas with examples of  how to turn a car or truck that is not very popular into and very nice street rod or cruiser.
  2. Project Planning has tips and things to be aware of when starting a project, hopefully they will help to avoid some of the mistakes most people make if its their first project build.
  3. Planning Template is a 5 phase table with steps to "guide" you through the the project build process. Non of the steps are mandatory, you can follow all the steps or you can use only the steps you need.
  4. Big Poppa Buick;  This is a full description with pictures of my 1954 Buick Special project which took 4 years to complete.
  5. Plymouth BA/GT, This is a full description of our current 1955 Plymouth Wagon build project with pictures.  This is a work in progress with a targeted completion date of end of July or sooner.
  6. Project Resources; Eventually this page will be populated with local Bay area resources that provide quality parts and or services for those building Hot rods